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by Mizdoc on RecoveryRobot

I have accidentally wiped out an entire drive on which I had saved everything I had collected over the years and you can imagine the panic I felt when I realized what I had done.
But....RecoveryRobot to the rescue, and rescue it did! It took several hours, maybe even overnight, as I recall, BUT...I was able to recover every single file from that disk....every single one!

by fishy on RecoveryRobot

I grab my gopro. had 10 files on her, I delete the files. I run the program under Video media. the Program is running, doing its job As I type it has found 250 files of the 64gb card. do I say more. no that I am happy, it is recovering. thanks guys

by Oldgittom on RecoveryRobot
Worked like a charm

Worked like a charm for me - old pix retrieved from formatted drive.

by Janie on RecoveryRobot

Program is SEES ALL OF my various hard drives -- internal and external including my 3 TB IoMega one. Super Great. Thanks alot.

by Philip Booth on RecoveryRobot

Key features of the software almost cover all requirements of data recovery. Hopefully it becomes no 1 data recovery software in future.

by Keith Jackson on RecoveryRobot

Works fine now I hope it lasts a long time too. Did a friends drive and recovered all his”valuable stuff”. Does take time but well worth it.

by Dinesh on RecoveryRobot

What a great software, I was not aware about this software till I started using it. superb!! I deleted all the confidential data from my flash drive accidentally. But using this software I got my all the data with in minutes. I am really grateful to you guys.


by Bhupender Sharma on RecoveryRobot

As I am a photographer i have many photos of many peoples and one day my fault cost me and i formated my hard drive. I lost complete data of my computer,all the pics and documents.Then i started searching recovery softwares. Some are of big names and big sizes like 100mb or 200MB . I tried those softwares but all goes in vain.They ruined my time and money.But one day on facebook someone told me about RECOVERYROBOT SOFTWARE and i tried it.First of all i think it’s size is 2.7 MB what this can do but this soft. made me wrong and recovered my 80% of digital data.Till by this date if someone asked me about recovery software i recommend him RECOVERYROBOT SOFTWARE.

Thanks for all your support

by Shubham on RecoveryRobot

I am shubham. recoveryrobot is very important for me. my computer was stucked all the confidential data from my flash drive accidentally. But using this software I got my all the data with in minutes. I am really grateful to you .

by NH on RecoveryRobot

A few months ago, I accidentally overwrote my entire hard drive, the 2nd one where I kept all my photos, documents…EVERYTHING I had been “collecting” for years. I was re-imaging my computer and, half asleep, I selected the wrong drive. Oh….disaster. There went my entire life (well, almost).

I went online and searched and read about all the available “Recovery Programs”. Then I remembered that I had a copy of Recoveryrobot that I had saved on the cloud. Never used it, just tucked it away for a rainy day. Well, the storm had had hit! So I decided to try it. You know, RecoveryRobot recovered everything! Unbelievable! And it was so easy. In no time I had set it up and let it do it’s magic. When it was finished, I had my entire drive back. I did not lose a single thing. Needless to say, RecoveryRobot is one piece of software I wouldn’t be without.

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