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George Papas New Jersey, USA
"I work in the IT industry and this powerful piece of software is unlike anything I’ve ever seen."
Ann Lawrence Scunthorpe, UK
"I am very impressed with the software for ease of use and clarity of guidance, It certainly saved the day and I am delighted."
Jay Douglass Seattle, USA
"I cannot afford not to have it on my computer. It's like having fire, theft and flood insurance on your home, but on your hard drive."
Jasmine Reeves Belleville, IL, USA
"I am a happy camper with a big sound of RELIEF. RecoveryRobot saved me from a huge bill and from a sleepless night! Awesome."
Stephanie Fairey Adelaide, Australia
"You have saved me a lot of money and returned some irreplaceable data to me, and I am extremely grateful."
Raymond Cowie Loughborough, UK
"I cannot thank you enough and would highly recommend you to anyone who loses important stuff from their computer."
by Frederick Barton on RecoveryRobot
well-organized interface, and easy to use

With RecoveryRobot's powerful recovery capabilities, it doesn't matter what files you've lost and where. You will be able to salvage your data without any difficulties.

by Brad Marsh on RecoveryRobot

Accidentally erased the wrong USB drive and this program got everything I needed back good stuff.

by Mizdoc on RecoveryRobot

I have accidentally wiped out an entire drive on which I had saved everything I had collected over the years and you can imagine the panic I felt when I realized what I had done.
But....RecoveryRobot to the rescue, and rescue it did! It took several hours, maybe even overnight, as I recall, BUT...I was able to recover every single file from that disk....every single one!

by fishy on RecoveryRobot

I grab my gopro. had 10 files on her, I delete the files. I run the program under Video media. the Program is running, doing its job As I type it has found 250 files of the 64gb card. do I say more. no that I am happy, it is recovering. thanks guys

by Oldgittom on RecoveryRobot
Worked like a charm

Worked like a charm for me - old pix retrieved from formatted drive.

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