RecoveryRobot Memory Card Recovery Online Help

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Connect the memory card to your PC

Before starting using RecoveryRobot Memory Card Recovery to recover your files, please make sure you have put your memory card in a card reader and connect it to your PC. Make sure you have installed all the required drivers or software to show the memory card properly in your PC, or your memory card will not be recognized.

Search for newly connected devices

RecoveryRobot will search automatically all the devices connected to your PC upon its launch. If you add other devices to your PC, please use the search button to list them in RecoveryRobot.

Show/Hide local drives

In addition to the list of the memory cards connected to your PC, there is an option which enables you to show local drives of your computer. This means you can not only recover files from the memory card, but also from the local drives of your computer.

Start a scan

Before starting a scan, please choose the exact memory card where your lost data is located. Or you can choose a partition of the local drive, or the entire hard disk drive.

Scan in progress

After you start the scan, please wait until the scan is completed to get the best result. It is always suggested not doing anything on the memory card which you want to recover.

Scan result list

After scan is completed, RecoveryRobot will list all the files found during the scan. In this result page, you can browse and search the files you want to recover and save them afterwards.

File list by its path/type

Two views are available in RecoveryRobot. You can either browse the files in their original tree structure, or in a list categorized by its type. This is extremely helpful when you want to recover all the files of a specific type, for example, images.

Start a search

To locate a specific file or files, you can simply use the search function. Many search parameters are provided. You can search by the file name, format, date, size and more.

Select all/Deselect all

Use the “Select” button to easily select or deselect all the files listed in the current page. Click once to select all, and click again to deselect.

View images in thumbnail

Not sure what is what in the list view? The thumbnail view button allows you to view all the images in thumbnails so you can quickly find what you need.

Preview an image

If thumbnails view is still not good enough, you can double click on the image in the list or thumbnail view to preview it in a big window.

Save recovered file

After you decide which files/folders you want to recover and select all of them, click on the “Recover” button. Choose the path where you want to save the recovered files and it’s done.

Get registered

To get RecoveryRobot registered is simple. Just enter your license code in the box and click the register button. After registration, there will be no limit on the recovery capacity.