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How to Connect Android Devices to PC Before Recovery

Before connecting your Android device to PC please make sure you have enabled “USB debugging”.

1) connect your Android device to the PC with a USB cable. A USB icon will appear in the status bar when the device has been recognized. If you are using this first time then please wait for a moment, Windows will automatically install the required drivers.

2) Once your Android device is connected, pull down your notification bar and tap on “USB connected”. Your Android device will then ask if you want to “Connet USB Storage” or “Mount” your SD card and copy files between your phone and computer. Tap over “Connect USB Storage” or “Mount” to connect your memories and SD card to the PC.

No USB Mass Storage option?

For some Android phones, “USB mass storage” is not enabled and only “MTP Storage” or “USB Media Device” is provided instead. In this case please try to find the settings to enable “USB mass storage”. Options possibly in:

  • Applications > Settings > Applications > USB Settings > Mass storage.
  • Settings -> Storage -> Menu Button -> USB Settings.
  • Settings -> Wireless and Networks -> USB Utilities -> “Connect Storage to PC”

3) Now you’ve successfully connected your Android device to the PC. You are ready to start the data recovery process.
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RecoveryRobot® Pro 2019